Central Park with the Melendez Family

Strolling around Central Park on a Fall Day is always a good time. Add in a Session with the Melendez family and it’s a party!  Their three children zoomed around the park on their Razor scooters, seemed right at home in the big apple and thoroughly enjoyed the action happening all around them. Their sweet baby boy was no different!

I loved watching mom and dad interact with their little ones. Having gotten married under my favorite arch in the park near the Bethesda Fountain, we figured that was the perfect place to start our session! We watched street acts, brides posing, bridesmaids getting rowdy and tourists galore. Despite all that was happening around us, the park felt as though it was all our own. Here are some of my favorite highlights from our time together!!

Central Park with Audrey Blake

Central Park Session, Audrey Blake Photography

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