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This week I had the privilege of spending time with the LaVoie boys, Eddie, Billy and Henry and witnessing the magic between them and their  loving Grandmother Cynthia Butler. Three small boys is a lot for any woman or man, but Grandma is such a pro wrangling them all and somehow finds the way to give each child the individual attention and love they need. Though their Grandmother lives in Boston, she visits often and makes sure her boys know how much she adores them at every turn. I asked her some interview questions for our album. Here is what she had to say…

What did it feel like for you to become a grandmother for the first time?  It was instantly falling in love.  When my daughters were born, I feel that my life truly began.  Each grandchild has just made my heart larger.  Every time I see them my face lights up.

Do you feel like your grandsons are all different? If so, what makes each of them unique? Each of my grandsons is completely different. Eddie is so smart, caring, and creative and loves to make up stories.  Eddie loves music.  He remembers more of the words to Bruce Springsteen than I do.  Billy has an incredible joy of life and non-stop energy. There is not anything that he cannot figure out or climb.  He is a natural athlete with a winning smile.  Henry is only one but you can already see his curiosity and sweet disposition.

Have any of them ever said funny memorable things you would share? There are so many.  Eddie and I have joked together almost since the day he was born.  One night while Eddie and I were sharing a bedroom in Newport, he got up and said “grandma” something is terribly wrong.  I opened up the drapes and told him it was fireworks.  BIG sigh from Eddie—your right Grandma it’s only fireworks.

What do you want your three grandsons to know about you? Besides that there grandma will love them no matter what and I will always will love them and be there for them, I want them to know that I coached their mom’s soccer and basketball teams.  I went to every hockey game she played in.  I had a great job as Vice President for Global Human Resources for Charles River Associates but always put you mom first.

What kind of grandmother do you strive to be with them? I try to be fun, caring and supportative.  Caragh is a great mom and I want to take her lead.

 What is your favorite activity with all or each of them? They all like to read books and it is fun to read to them.  Eddie can read to me and his brothers now but I still love to have them on my laps to read a book.  I am a big proponent of kids being outdoors… playing the park, going on walks in the woods and making up games that will keep them active.  It is also fun to be silly—making silly faces or walking funny, playing made up games.

Here are some of my favorite moments from our time together.

grandmother and grandson candid lifestyle portraits

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