Burgdorf Family Lifestyle Session, Pompano Beach Fl

At the end of the summer I had the great pleasure of meeting one of my biggest Insta Crushes @claireeburgdorf. Claire and Bryan Burgdorf are a beautiful and young Floridian couple with a baby girl named Oakley. The reside in Pompano near a gorgeous beach with a pier a that goes on forever, a walkway to the beach lined with palm trees and an adorable snack hut that looks like it’s straight out of Venice Beach.

Upon meeting Claire in person, my first thought was WOW, she is even more beautiful in person than she is in photos, but not only is she pretty; she is humble and sweet and such an incredible mama. Baby Oakley has a smile that can stop you dead in your tracks and ice blue eyes with a darker blue outline that are simply mesmerizing.

We started our session at their adorable home, with walls covered in memories and smile filled photos. I loved her taste and her style and I couldn’t get my camera out of the bag fast enough!!! Bryan is an avid motorcycle enthusiast with a bada$$ Harly that he LOVES to teach his baby girl all about. Have you ever seem a baby smile and giggle at a revving engine? I have now!!

Upon arriving at the beach with a smash cake in tow to celebrate Oakley’s 1st birthday, Bryan was quick to get in the water and Oakley was ready to play in the sand.

Most smash cake sessions are tamer than you think with 1 year olds not really sure what to even do with it let alone smash it with glee. Not this baby. Bryan wasn’t convinced that Oakley would be like the other 1 year olds, dainty and demure and sometimes unhappy from the texture of the icing. I had my doubts I must admit, but he couldn’t have been more right. This baby went NUTS on this cake, shoveling handfuls into her mouth and taking such joy in smooshing the icing and cake in her hands. It was SO much fun to watch and capture with my lens.

Once the smashing came to an end, everyone got in the water. Growing up in South Florida as a child is so cool, and as a baby literally born with sand pretty much on your butt must give you such a different kind of love for nature. I am guessing thats why this 1 year old was so comfortable sitting naked in the sand. Oakley loved the ocean too which happened to be warm, calm and inviting on this particular day.

The Burgdorfs happily entered the water with clothing and all and made incredible memories for me to capture. I adore them more than you know and simply cannot wait to spend time with them in the very near future!!

Thank you Claire and Bryan for welcoming me into your home and your life for the day!


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