Birdling Bags & the NEW Day Tripper

The Day Tripper bag made by the incredible team at Birdling Bags is perhaps my personal favorite creation of theirs. Over the summer it housed everything from towels, sunscreen, beach toys and my favorite part of the whole bag… the REMOVABLE wet pouch inside that allows for you to safely store gadgets and/or wet bathing suits and such.

The team has come out with a smaller version of the bag great for daily use here and there, light groceries and also just for your kids to pack what THEY want for whatever occasion.

While visiting Amri and her family from Hey Mama at their home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Mari was able to use the smaller Day Tripper for all her personal “essentials”. As we all know when you give a child the ability to pack, they choose toys, bandaids, blankets, piggy banks and other random items that clearly have no use for the trip. They sure do make us happy and laugh when its a bag that we have dedicated to just those types of things!

Mari was no exception to this rule showing me her favorite items like her camera (totally get this one), her favorite throw pillow, some colorful bandaid’s, hair clips and small toys. She took breaks from packing to show me some of her favorite ballet moves which I absolutely adored being the audience for.

Thank you so much Birdling for setting up this incredible shoot in this unforgettable Brooklyn home! I loved every second!


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