Ayala • Bedtime Story

There are some women whom I believe are born to be mothers. Gaby Ayala is one of them. Witnessing her authentic kindness and patience with her three beautiful children Luis Arturo, Adriana and Victoria was a lesson in parenting in and of itself. This family has something magical and infectious about them.

Gaby and Luis have so much side splitting fun with their kids. From their fun game called “hamaca” that the children beg and plead for as soon as their loving father comes home, to their giant tent of stuffed animals where they have indoor “campout” sessions. They have created such a wonderful little tribe and I feel so blessed to bare witness to this kind of love. Tradition is much a part of their fabric as the air they breathe and the admiration her husband and children share for her is one of a kind. Thank you Ayala family for welcoming me with open arms into your beautiful, sunny and unique Bedtime Traditions.

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