At Home Maternity Session with Lindsay Bloom

When I first saw Lindsay Bloom and her baby bump I remember thinking to myself  ” I have to photograph this woman”.  She looked as though she was smuggling a basketball under her shirt and other than that perfect sphere, you would never know this beautiful lady was pregnant.

We decided to do an at home maternity session with her 3 year old son Cannon. It’s not always easy to get a toddler excited about taking photos, let alone photos about the belly bump that is about to change their life, but Cannon loved the idea of finger painting on his mom’s belly bump and it was just what we needed to get him excited and involved. We had a blast drawing, snapping away and laughing. He was particular to certain colors and was careful to make sure nothing spilled on the floor without purpose. If paint spilled in the grass, he would politely ask me to remove the blades of grass and throw them away. lol
A few years ago, I saved a pregnant silhouette image to an inspiration board on Pinterest thinking someday I will attempt to capture a similar shot.  I had a feeling that Lindsay might be the perfect contender for this image. I think I was right!  A pregnant body literally filled with life is beautiful, other worldly and yet completely and utterly the most natural thing in the world. I am so grateful to have been able to capture Lindsay at the end of her pregnancy!
Since we used a sheet to facilitate the shot it seemed logical to wrap her in it like a goddess and take some backyard images! Grecian Goddess? I think soooo!
We ended our session with Cannon and I snapped as they played and laughed.
I am happy to report, Lindsay has since had her baby girl and in the coming weeks, her little face will be all over my blog!

audrey blake PHOTOGRAPHY Sessions make great gifts!

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