An Afternoon with the Haghighi Family of Essex Fells

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of shooting a Lifestyle Family Session with the Haghighi family, a family who lives in the same town as I do, whom I didn’t know very well before. As it turns out, their two beautiful little girls Nura and Hana are similar in age to my own girls and share the same interests among other things. Photographing them felt so much like home to me as I watched the girls play tea party, share with me their favorite toys and games and show me their most prized possessions. For Nura, reading is her greatest love and it seems that little sister Hana is already following in her footsteps. Sara and Kurosh are not only a beautiful couple but watching them interact with their little ladies in both a calm and engaging way had me smiling all the way home. I am grateful as always to my clients who allow me to photograph intimate moments in their own homes. Thank you Haghihi family!!! Sara and Kurosh I cannot wait to get to know you both more as the years pass in Essex Fells.

Here are some of my favorite highlights from our time together.

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