A Trip to the Conservatory Garden with Monty, Steve & Margot

When an old friend reaches out to me inquiring about taking photos of their family, I swoon. It makes me so happy!!!!! Steve and I met in early 2000 when we worked at Yahoo! (Two of the shining sales people if I might add.) Now Steve is a very important person at Twitter with a gorgeous and down to earth wife named Monty. Together they made one of the cutest baby girls I have ever seen. With her chubby cheeks and her big blue eyes, Monty and Steve are brimming with joy as they watch their baby girl Margot grow right before their eyes.

For our shoot we started in their NYC apt where Monty’s in home style was nothing short of gorgeous. We made our way to one of their favorite spots in Central Park, The Conservatory Garden. I had neverĀ been there or even heard of it in my 12 years living in Manhattan but thats the best part about NYC, there is always something new to experience! This garden made me feel like a child placed right in the novel A Secret Garden. The manicured lawn and lush green everywhere truly transports you right out of the concrete jungle and into an oasis.

Baby Margot just learned to sit all by herself and so we placed her just about everywhere we could! She giggled and smiled the entire day but she shined the most when she was in her daddy’s arms or looking into her mama’s eyes. Babies are so incredible fun to photograph for this reason. They are so enamored with their parents and their best parts always come out when mom or dad makes the silly face or does a silly voice with a puppet pig. I just love how babies do that to grown ups. šŸ™‚

Spending the day with Steve, Monty and Margot was the highlight of my day. So thrilled to have met their sweet baby girl! Thank you so much for choosing me to capture this time in your lives. xo


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