A Lifestyle Session with the Clark Family

Upon my arrival for a Lifestyle Session with the Clarks in the gorgeous beach town of Gulf Stream, Florida, I was met with smiles, color, joyful noise and so much life buzzing through the walls of the Clark home. I knew from the get go that this would be unlike any other session I had ever had. It did not disappoint. Chiara and Tom are such fun parents and not the kind of fun and loving parents I am used to but the inspiring kind who include their children in the adult world in a beautiful and natural way. The kind of parents who introduce their kids to the Michael Jackson Anthology and subsequently they can all jam out and lip sync to every song. The kind of family who has rehearsed dance moves for specific parts all through the years and has laughter as a daily soundtrack to their lives. My cheeks hurt so much from smiling by the time this was over, I just couldn’t stop thinking about how much I loved the way their kids were so clearly a part of the party. Always.

With their three children, Finley (Fin), Francesca (Frankie), and Fletcher, they have made the laid back beach vibes a way of life. The kids were doing what they always do just being their silly selves. Jumping from bed to bed, changing their clothes 5 times, suddenly breaking into moments of complete shyness only to be followed by crazy bouts of laughter and sillyness.

Their home exuded love at every corner and the Clark family has a support system like no other. With a colorful and hilarious uncle named Justin who added so much fun and flare to the session I wish I could bring him with me everywhere!

These kids are so lucky to be surrounded by all of this support and their confidence is a clear indicator that its very very real. We read some books and decided to break the mold and turn the bubble machine on in the master bedroom for fun! We took the golf cart across the street to the beach in pajamas and ran from the waves! It was just truly one of the most incredible and memorable families I have ever had the privilege of shooting.

Chiara and Tom thank you for the dance party and for choosing me to capture the beauty in your every day. I feel so blessed to have witnessed all you offer your family and I wish you all nothing but the very best life has to offer.

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