A Legacy Session with Nonno & Nonna

A Legacy Session with Nonno & Nonna

Legacy Sessions are quickly becoming one of my favorite types of shoots. Spending time as the witness to grandparent relationships is fulfilling and heartwarming in all kinds of ways. The Legacy Session with Nonno and Nonna was no different.

Their grandchildren Massimo and Giacomo have a very special bond with their Nonna & Nonno. I don’t think I have ever witnessed grandparents that play and teach as much as these two. Massi and his Nonno play chess for hours on end. Massi is actually a 2nd grade champion on the chess team. Watching them was by far one of my favorite activities as they even made the same hand gestures when they were deep in thought. Nonna is very creative and loving. She spends time doing arts and crafts and one of the birthday gifts she brought Giac was a 3d art set where they sat creating flowers in flower pots and all kinds of other 3 dimensional items.

Since Giacomo recently turned 6 and he shares his mothers creative spirit and love for photography, Nonno and Nonna gave him his first digital camera. I had the privilege of watching his face light up at the gift and seeing him taking photos all afternoon long.

Nonno and the boys love to play “soft” soccer in the great hallway. The ends of the hall make the perfect goals and the soft ball they use ensures none of the art work gets damaged. They play and cheer and it is adorable and totally awesome to watch.

Fuse ball is another family game they love!!!! This is what they do whenever they visit their grandchildren. They go from game to game and experience to experience and its no wonder their bond is so strong and so full of love.

We ended our session with a competitive game of monopoly and some tunes on the guitar. This fun-filled session was incredible and I feel so blessed to have been the one to capture it. I can’t wait to make their custom album and read all the beautiful things Nonna and Nonno say about what it is like to be grandparents to Massi and Giac.

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